Placing An Order
Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email with details of your purchase and your order number. If you have any queries about your order, please quote your order number.

I accept the following in payment:

PayPal - from all countries. I accept Swiss Francs, Great British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars and Australian Dollars for payment. PayPal Payments to be made within 14 days of purchase. An invoice will be sent to the address supplied in your order.

International Bank Transfer - I accept international bank transfer to my Swiss Bank Account Only!  Please note that there are 2 types of fees when sending money from one international account to another - fees for sending and fees for receiving money.  You must pay any sending fees in addition to the cost of the items.  I will send you all the payment details in a seperate email.

Direct Bank Deposit - From Australia, UK and Switzerland.  Direct Bank Deposit to be made within 14 days of purchase.

Cash - Swiss Francs, Euros, British Pounds, USA Dollars and Australian Dollars.  Cash to be sent within 14 days of purchase. I will allow up to 2 weeks for postage. I would appreciate an email from you telling me what day you posted the money.

Please note that I am more than happy to receive cash, however this is entirely at your own risk. Switzerland is known to be a very trustworthy country and I have a very secure locked letterbox.  Although I have never known any of my mail to go missing, there is always a first time.

Payment By Gift Voucher Redemption - For customers paying by gift vouchers, no payment is required unless balance has exceeded the value of your order. Your order will be posted out within 1 to 3 working days from the date of your order. If payment has exceeded your order, please choose a payment method for the remaining balance.


Payment by Einzahlungsschein for New Customers
For new customers who have placed 5 orders and below and request payment by Einzahlungsschein, a payment slip will be sent out to you by post within 1 to 3 working days of placing your order. You will be given 14 days to make payment from the date of your order where your goods will be put on hold until payment has been made. If no payment has been made, a reminder email will be sent to you advising that your order will be cancelled and goods placed back into stock for other customers to purchase.

Payment by Einzahlungsschein for Customers Who Have Placed Six Orders or More
For customers who have placed at least 5 orders and have shown good payment history, an Einzahlungsschein will be enclosed with your order and you will be given 30 days to pay from the date of order. If no payment has been made, a friendly "Payment Reminder" email will be sent to you asking to make payment at your earliest convenience.

If payment has not been made within 6 weeks, an "Overdue Invoice" will be sent to you and a late fee will be charged to your order. This fee will also cover costs for printing and postage fees with a signature. If payment has not been made within 3 months, your account will be referred to a Debt Collector who will charge you approximately CHF 60.00 for their service, plus 5% of the order total. So please bear this in mind if you do not make payment within the time frame above!

For large orders (over an amount to be determined by me at the time of order) I will ask that you pay up front before your order is dispatched. Items will remain on hold for 2 weeks only and then placed back into stock if no payment has been made. An email will be sent to you advising you that your order has been cancelled.

Payment by Cash On Collection
For customers who live in the Z├╝rich/Zimmerberg area and would like to save on the postage fees, then collection of your order can be arranged. Please Note that SFr. 2.00 handling fee will still be applied to your order.

Please Note The Following:
You can check in your account history for up to date status on your order.

I would appreciate it (optional only) if you could advise me if you have received your order. I assume if I have not heard from you and payment has been made then your order has been received.

Therefore I ask if you have paid for your order by Swiss Post, then please retain the stub (proof of postage) in case there is a discrepancy in payment.
If you receive a "Reminder Payment" email, then you can assume that I have not received your payment and investigation into this matter will then be taken further.

Once your order has been changed to "COMP" status in your account history then your order has been sent, received and paid for!

I will send you an email advising you when I have posted your order. If you have paid for Registered Post (which I strongly recommend) then Track & Trace details will be provided to you. Please refer to my Shipping and Handling page for futher information on costs, delivery times, etc.

Customs Duty
Please Note that you maybe liable for customs duty if you live outside of Switzerland, which is not part of the European Union (EU). Therefore it is your responsibility to pay for any duties that maybe incurred. It is advisable to check the rates and limit as it varies from country to country.

I offer a full money back guarantee (excluding postage), if the garment is not as I described or you are not happy with your purchase. I try my best to look over every piece of clothing I have and to mention any flaw that may be in the clothing. However, sometimes very small defects may be missed from time to time. If you could email me with a photo of the fault then I will be happy to come to some arrangement with you about a partial refund if you choose to keep the garment.

I do not offer a refund if you have changed your mind about your purchase. I will be happy to consider a credit note towards your next purchase.

Customers are important to me, so please email me if you have a complaint and I will do my best to resolve any problems that you may have.